AC&E is an international ‘market maker’ that creates value by transforming businesses, assets and industries around the world, by providing innovative advice, capital and execution solutions to businesses, technologies, property and infrastructure projects.


What does AC&E stand for?  The A, C and E in our name stands for the solutions and services that we provide:


A dvice

C apital

E xecution


AC&E was established in 2006 as an international strategic advisor and financier, which is what we call a ‘market-maker’.


Our vision is to ‘build profitable businesses and assets around the world that positively and/or innovatively impact and change the way people work and live’.


We achieve this by working with clients, investors and funders to incubate innovation and accelerate value creation.


Our mission is to bring the very best people, ideas, partners and capital together to create value quicker and more creatively.

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Who is AC&E International

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 AC&E launched a unique financial and insurance services business in 2009 --- AC&E is working in with new investment funds in technology, internet, mobile, agriculture and energy --- AC&E has launched a property developer and constructor offering to grow property businesses --- Eureka Domains launched which is a new domain management service by AC&E --- Breakthrough ideas and solutions brought to you by AC&E ... ask us

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Our values are important to us, and guide the way we work and build our own business.


· Honesty, Integrity and Respect

· Professionalism

· Teamwork

· Quality and Excellence

· Speed to Value

· Creativity and Innovation

· Accountability

· Giving back to the community

· Having Fun


What’s unique about ‘the AC&E way’ ?


We look at opportunities differently to others, and seek to ‘make a market’ where others don’t see the potential.


We aim to deliver our advice, capital and execution formula as a comprehensive end-to-end solution, in an affordable and flexible way, to meet the specific needs of our clients, projects and businesses.


We passionately pursue innovative and creative strategies and techniques, think differently to others, and provide a team of high performing specialists so that we can create value, innovation and deliver outcomes faster — we have a bias to execution, value creation  and achieving results.

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