AC&E offers a range of consulting services to corporate, mid sized and not-for-profit organizations, including:


· Specialist strategy, technology and growth advice for large corporate organizations

· Corporate and finance advice for mid-sized and not-for-profit organizations

· Project and funding advice for property and infrastructure developments


Management Consulting Services


For large corporate organizations, AC&E provides strategy, innovation and growth advice using both organic

and inorganic growth techniques to increase revenue, reduce costs and improve market share. 


The range of advice includes:


· Marketing, sales, service and customer retention improvement

· Customer experience and satisfaction improvement

· Channel strategy

· Distribution strategy

· Product and offering development and innovation

· Mergers, acquisitions and alliances

· Customer and market segmentation

· Analytical insight generation

· Customer and business intelligence

· Event Based Marketing

· Customer Life Stage Marketing

· Digital strategy and development

· Technology strategy

· Emerging technologies


AC&E partners with technology and services firms to deliver strategic, innovation and technology solutions

to enable a corporate to leverage new techniques and strategies.


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 AC&E launched a unique financial and insurance services business in 2009 --- AC&E is working in with new investment funds in technology, internet, mobile, agriculture and energy --- AC&E has launched a property developer and constructor offering to grow property businesses --- Eureka Domains launched which is a new domain management service by AC&E --- Breakthrough ideas and solutions brought to you by AC&E ... ask us

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