AC&E establishes specialist investment funds, special purpose vehicles and structures to facilitate multiple investors investing into business or property opportunities.


  AC&E establishes specialist investment funds,

structures and special purpose vehicles (SPV)

to enable a group of investors to invest into a

specific or series of opportunities


  AC&E provides specialist asset management

capabilities to operate and manage an investment

fund, structure or special purpose vehicle


  AC&E also incubates and launches new funds

and investment vehicles to capitalize on a business



The types of funds and investment vehicles that AC&E works with and establishes includes:


  Venture Capital


  Internet Monetization

  Distressed Assets

  Energy, Renewable Energy and Green Technology

  Agricultural Land Management

  Real Estate (Property)


The AC&E International Pty Limited business is not a fund manager. AC&E works with other organizations to establish and manage a compliant fund. AC&E itself also incubates and manages separately incorporated funds or investment vehicles as independently managed and compliant businesses.


 AC&E launched a unique financial and insurance services business in 2009 --- AC&E is working in with new investment funds in technology, internet, mobile, agriculture and energy --- AC&E has launched a property developer and constructor offering to grow property businesses --- Eureka Domains launched which is a new domain management service by AC&E --- Breakthrough ideas and solutions brought to you by AC&E ... ask us

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Investing in Internet



AC&E has an investment in Electronicwealth Investments, a business that invests in the monetization of internet traffic through web sites, mobile phones and any Internet connected (IP) device.


Electronicwealth Investments is a unique private equity business that invests into the process of building, marketing, operating, monetizing and then selling a large number of high value digital assets (websites and mobile portals) that target high search volume areas on the Internet and/or on mobile phones and devices.


AC&E and Electronicwealth Investments has built digital asset portfolios over the period of 2008 to date, and currently manages thousands of active websites.


The digital assets are involved in domain parking, internet traffic generation, advertising, email marketing, customer lead generation, selling direct supplier or affiliate products to customers, customer acquisition, lead generation, online brand development and social networking.


AC&E also drives the sale of these digital assets to website brokers, investment funds, listed companies, affiliates, corporates and advertisers around the world.


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