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Using events in a customer’s life to generate more sales for your business

May 1, 2011


Businesses spend an enormous amount on marketing to increase sales, however the evidence shows that many struggle to achieve sufficient return on their marketing investments, and even worse, many businesses either have a negative return or are experiencing a continual decline in their return on marketing.


One technique used by larger organisations is an event-driven approach that has potential to accelerate revenue growth by moving to smaller more precisely targeted marketing and sales activities using frequently delivered ‘intelligent conversations’ with your customers. Event-driven marketing is driven by customer behaviours and product usage and is triggered by key customer events that signal buying behaviour, potential attrition and general customer needs ... Read more.


Social media is important … you need to focus on it and get it right

February 14, 2011


Social media optimization is about connecting with a person, a group of people or a community of users who share common interests and allow them to network and communicate with one another about your site or blog’s given topic, focus or business. Social Media Optimization (SMO) involves building your social media sites so that they generate public interest and drive people to your website and improve your ranking on search engines — and of course, to communicate with people about your business or interest ... Read more.

Corporate Governance — how compliant are you?

September 21, 2010


As an officer of a company, you will have heard all about Corporate Governance. But what is it? How compliant must your company be before you attract personal liability? How much must you know about the company’s affairs before the knowledge of the company is attributed to you?  And how long can you plead ignorance as to what is taking place in the company before you have a duty to investigate?  No longer is a director able to say “but I was not at the meeting” or “I did not know because I do not work there” ... Read more.


Internet — join the rush for .CO domains for your business

September 12, 2010


The new era in the world of domain names and branding for your business is upon us. In the early years the .COM release was the beginning of the world of online presence, and changed the way that we do business. It created a unique online presence opportunity for businesses and individuals alike. Now .CO is set to be the largest land grab since this time.  Over time the availability of desired domain names that suited a business became exhausted for .COM, .CO is about to change all of this ... Read more.


Legal — Credit Licensing and your required systems and compliance arrangements

August 14, 2010


ASIC (Australia) is now accepting applications for a credit licence from persons registered under the new National Credit Code. Registered persons engaging in credit activities have until 31 December 2010 to lodge an application, or they will not be entitled to continue engaging in credit activities after that date ... Read more.


Internet — optimizing keywords around trends (and what about Christmas)

August 1, 2010


In the ever changing world of Internet marketing the one thing that is evident is that the core framework remains the same. The market is rife with social media strategies using Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, etc. However the major flaw with today’s internet marketers is that many have forgotten what the most important element is — the people, your audience, traffic. Regardless of the extent of your twitter accounts traffic, if your niche research and keyword research is not properly and informatively executed your humanbots will simply “bounce back”.  Maybe you get them to visit your website, however they don't click or consume your services/ offerings/ content ... Read more.


Using software leases to increase Software as a Service (SaaS) license sales

April 24, 2010


If you offer a software as a service solution, a clever way to encourage more sales is to offer a monthly pricing model where the customer pays for their use of the software on a monthly basis. You are probably already doing this, and if not, then you need to investigate it as your customers online are probably expecting it. A clever way to offer the customer the ability to make monthly payments and for you to get the whole amount upfront is to use software leasing.  With this approach, a leasing provider leases the software to the end customer for a period or 2 or more years, and the vendor (you) receive the license amount upfront from the leasing provider ... Read more.


Wire-free power — could wireless electricity be a reality soon?

April 14, 2010


We’ve had wireless phones for a while now, and wireless Internet has become an essential tool in the arsenal of most people.  What’s next, wireless electricity so that we don't have to plug into a power point to power up our appliances?


A US company has renewed the vision of an inventor from 1905 by the name of Nikola Tesla who built a tower with the aim was to create the world's first power station that would transmit wireless electricity around the globe. The US based company WiTricity (www.witricity.com) set up by physicists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of a number of companies developing models of providing power without the use of cables. WiTricity believes it can launch wirelessly-powered products within the year.  This was written up in a recent article in the BBC. Not sure if it will go to market this year, interesting though if it does.


Imagine what this technology will do when it is commercially ready.  Imagine the changes in our lives, and in how we conduct business.  What happens when we can break free from wires? What about the changes to real estate developments, medical equipment, gaming ... most things in our day to day that plug into a wall looking for electricity now may not need to do that to get powered up.  If that’s the case, what’s then possible?  Read more.



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