AC&E provides advice, capital and execution services to high potential organizations and entrepreneurs at all stages of business maturity, including:


·   Commercialisation and start-ups

·   Growth/ Expansion Stage businesses

·   Buyouts - including takeovers, MBO, MBI

·   Turnarounds of distressed businesses

·   Joint Ventures to enable growth and expansion


AC&E employs an integrated advice, capital and execution approach with investment opportunities.  We employ unique and cross-disciplinary advice, capital and execution services through five lines of business to service the needs of a business.


Advice - strategic advisory, business planning and information memorandum development

Capital Raisings - private equity, venture capital and private placements to raise capital for a business, project or venture

Funds - establishing investment funds and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) to capitalize a business, project or venture

Finance - corporate finance, structured finance, debt lending and insurance offerings to meet the needs of a business, project or venture

AC&E Ventures in the form of joint ventures and affiliates relationships to distribute and sell a business’s offerings


We assist with raising capital, including seed capital, angel investments, equity raisings, debt raisings, corporate finance and structured finance, investment funds and organic revenue generation programs. 

Text Box: AC&E raises equity and debt capital from the international markets to assist companies with their capital needs -- capital is creatively sourced from private equity and venture capital funds, superannuation and pension funds, high net worth/angel investors, corporate and institutional investors and governments.

AC&E also sets up and manage incubation stage investment funds and structures that invest directly into start up and early stage businesses.  

We can also assist businesses with defining exist strategies, initial public offerings (IPO), trade sales, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), in-sourcing, co-sourcing and outsourcing, joint ventures, alliances and forming business partnerships to create value.

AC&E can also assist with generating internet and mobile traffic to a website.  

Microsoft BizSpark

AC&E is a network partner of Microsoft’s program that is specifically designed to provide early stage start-ups with software, support and visibility to help ignite your success. AC&E can sponsor you into the BizSpark program as AC&E is a network partner of Microsoft.

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 AC&E launched a unique financial and insurance services business in 2009 --- AC&E is working in with new investment funds in technology, internet, mobile, agriculture and energy --- AC&E has launched a property developer and constructor offering to grow property businesses --- Eureka Domains launched which is a new domain management service by AC&E --- Breakthrough ideas and solutions brought to you by AC&E ... ask us

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