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Internet — optimizing keywords around trends (and what about Christmas)

August 1, 2010


In the ever changing world of Internet marketing the one thing that is evident is that the core framework remains the same. The market is rife with social media strategies using Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, etc. However the major flaw with today’s internet marketers is that many have forgotten what the most important element is — the people, your audience, traffic. Regardless of the extent of your twitter accounts traffic, if your niche research and keyword research is not properly and informatively executed your humanbots will simply “bounce back”.  Maybe you get them to visit your website, however they don't click or consume your services/ offerings/ content.


Using a simple framework you can pre-optimise for certain keywords — which becomes a very powerful strategy when optimising for trend keywords.  As an example, one area that many of our clients are getting ready for is Christmas and the search trends that occur around, and in the lead up to, Christmas. 


So, how do you pre-optimise your Christmas domains?  The most important constants of internet marketing are:


  1.  Keywords

  2.  Approach and Strategy

  3.  Follow through (execution)


How do you choose your trend keyword?  Well, when someone runs an internet search, they have a certain phrase in mind that identifies the product, service or information they are interested in. Using some industry tools (for example the most popular free keyword research tool is Google AdWords), we can begin with the root keyword “Christmas” and then identify all the sub and related keywords that are significant. You could use this approach any specific time that has high search volumes during a certain period — Christmas, holiday periods, significant events, etc.


So, analysing ‘Christmas’ will return results based on the root keyword and give you related keywords to research. You will then analyse the data returned to find keywords with high search volume and low competition with a peak in trend for a certain month. In this case it will be November and December (obviously).  Now you have your Christmas related keyword that shows a dramatic spike during November and December. To start to optimise this keyword before the period hits there are a variety of effective techniques. Here is where strategy and execution comes in.


A new web site is considered unpopular, because it lacks link and traffic popularity. Google has to deal with many new sites of which will not be placed on the index during a probation period; this can last 6 months. This is when you begin to pre-optimise. During this period you will slowly build up your site with SEO articles related to your trend keyword. Once the articles start building we look into interlinking the site with others. Web sites can gain reputation through constant flow of relevant 100 percent original content, backlinks and traffic volumes. Once the site has these elements it will be ready for indexation around the period you wish to market in.


Pre-optimisation is a key strategy for trend periods. If optimised informatively and executed correctly for a period of 3 to 6 months. When the trend arrives, you have a very solid website for natural traffic and monetization possibilities.


  Tara Kaye

  Digital Services

  AC&E International


Is this an opportunity for you?  Do you need some help doing this?  Send us an email to see if we can assist — send us a message by clicking here.



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