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Social media is important Ö right?

February 14, 2011


Social media optimization is about connecting with the user. It is about connecting with a community of people who share common interests and allow them to network and communicate with one another about your site or blogís given topic, focus or business.


SMO, being Social Media Optimization, involves building your social media sites so that they generate public interest and drive people to your website. Optimizing the social media space can improve your ranking on search engines result pages and can even help you get several spots, not just one, on the top few pages of a search engine for your keyword.


In order to create SMO buzz, three steps you should aim to do are:


†† 1.† Increase your linkability

†† 2.† Reward inbound links

†† 3.† Get communities connected


Social media includes:


†† -† Social and business networking sites

†† -† Social bookmarking sites

†† -† Content sharing sites

†† -† Blogging sites

†† -† Video, photo and music sharing sites


Some of the most popular social media sites include Facebook, Myspace, delicious, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Ning, Tagged, hi5, Bebo, Friendster and Orkut.


Increasing your linkability


Linkability refers to how many people link to your website. Backlinks are seen as votes for a site or page. As you build up your links, you will notice that your PageRank will rise and your position in the search engine results will rise as well.




One way to increase your linkability is by writing a blog entry. A blog is a site or web page that you can use to express your opinions and observations. You can add a blog to your own site or create another blog site where readers can submit comments and questions in response to the content.


Your blog should be used to regularly post content that relates to your topic. If others like what they read, they will link to you from their own sites. These links will promote your site to others and will also help to increase your PageRank.


Starting a blog is relatively easy without knowledge of web design or development to create one. To do this you will need to open a hosting account which provides you with space on the internet for storing your blog. You can then use one of the following blog tools to create your blog:


†† -† WordPress

†† -† Blogger

†† -† Movable Type

†† -† Drupal

†† -† TypePad

†† -† LiveJournal




Another way to increase your linkability and boost your traffic is by writing for an article directory. Article directories are sites where writers can write and submit articles on a range of different topics. Although you donít get paid to submit your articles, you can include a link back to your site or one of your social media pages.


Social Bookmarking


Your linkability can also be increased through social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is a method for storing, organising, searching and managing pages that you have flagged as your favorites. When scouring the internet for information you often stumble upon pages that you would like to take note of and revisit and this is where social bookmarking comes in handy.


Some social bookmarking sites that you can use to your advantage include:


†† -† Delicious

†† -† Digg

†† -† StumbleUpon

†† -† Twitter


Rewarding inbound links


As your site becomes increasingly popular, more people will feel the need to link to you. As mentioned earlier, links are extremely valuable as they help to boost your PageRank, your position in search engines and the amount of traffic you receive. People who otherwise may not have found your site may stumble into it through a link on another site.


With that in mind, itís in your best interests to reward those who link to your site and give others some incentive to do the same. You can do this by listing recent linking blogs on your site who link to you. This helps you both promote one another and increase traffic.


Getting communities connected


Social media is all about generating interest and getting communities connected through social networking sites. These sites allow you to build an online profile and share information, pictures, blog entries, music and videos with an online community. Interaction within these sites is usually done through email and instant messaging services.


Some of the most popular networking sites include:


†† -† Facebook

†† -† Squidoo

†† -† LinkedIn

†† -† Myspace


Social networking sites help you to build your reputation and spread your message. Because different people prefer to use different networking sites, it makes sense to join up with as many as you can to expand your reach.


† Tara Kaye

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† AC&E International


If you need help with your social media strategy and set up then send us an email to see if we can assist ó send us a message by clicking here.



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