AC&E enters into joint ventures and value creation arrangements in the following areas:


· Technology and Software commercialization and distribution

· Property Developments (Real Estate)

· Product Innovations

· Trade Facilitation


As a venture partner, AC&E is willing to enter into a variety of commercial models including

establishing a new business entity, equity deals, revenue or profit share, commission and

joint venture arrangements.

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 AC&E launched a unique financial and insurance services business in 2009 --- AC&E is working in with new investment funds in technology, internet, mobile, agriculture and energy --- AC&E has launched a property developer and constructor offering to grow property businesses --- Eureka Domains launched which is a new domain management service by AC&E --- Breakthrough ideas and solutions brought to you by AC&E ... ask us

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  and Software


AC&E works with technology innovators and vendors to distribute their software and hardware solutions.  This includes:

· Commercialization of early stage technology solutions

· Distribution of mature solutions in the Australia and Asian markets

· Distribution to corporate and government sectors


AC&E has launched a domain management service called Eureka Domains which is a managed service for owners of large domain portfolios which are either parked or underperforming.  The service is provided as a software as a service solution, and distinctively works on a revenue share basis to monetize domains (rather than a fee for service basis).




Eureka Domains is a highly sophisticated domain management service that uses technology and monetization strategies and feeds to rapidly optimize and monetize domains, not only by attracting traffic but also creating repeat visitors to websites.


Eureka Domains offers a specific value proposition by transforming underperforming domains (which are usually parked domains, or one-click CPC pages with little or no direct traffic) into rich and contextually relevant websites. 



     USA:  +1 213 784 1931

     Australia:  +61 2 8006 0161









AC&E works with property developments as joint venture partner including:

· Pre-DA stage (DA: Development Application)

· Planning stage

· Development stage

· Distressed properties and developments

AC&E brings property planning and development expertise, property law, equity, debt finance and joint venture partners to these types of property development opportunities.

We are able to work collaboratively with investors, developers, takeout parties, vendors and funders on these types of property deals.






AC&E works with inventors of new products, and organizations spinning-off a product, to go to market and deliver a new innovation.  The product innovation will generally be a disruptive offering, or one that has significant potential to redefine an existing market, or to address a new or emerging market. 


AC&E is able to work in collaboration with the inventor or product owner to develop the go to market strategy, business structure and business model to launch, along with the required funding.






AC&E is able to assist buyers and sellers in commodity and resource trade transactions, whilst working with their mandates and intermediaries to manage commission payments and trade finance.  There are a range of commodities and resources that AC&E is generally able to source for a buyer (subject to supply availability), including:

· Cement

· Diesel (D2 and D0), Mazut (M100) and Jet Fuel (JP54)

· Steel (used rail and scrap metal)

· Coal

· Iron Ore

AC&E generally works on the buy side to assist with sourcing commodities and resources through its international supply network, and is able to provide commercial, legal, documentary and finance assistance to facilitate the trade between buyers and sellers.


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