ESG Policy and our approach to Responsible Investment and Lending

AC&E is committed to the strategic consideration and thoughtful management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in all aspects when conducting its business, and considers ESG an essential component of value creation and a key driver for long-term success in a constantly changing world and rapidly evolving business environment -- both for its own business, and that of its clients.

AC&E is also committed to investing responsibly by integrating ESG considerations into our investment processes across all asset classes. The thoughtful management of environmental, social and governance issues and considerations in investments that we are guiding helps generate more robust returns for our clients and ourselves, whilst optimising the impacts that we and the clients we are working with are making on society and the communities from which we profit.


Fulfilling that obligation requires us to also consider our responsibility to a wider range of stakeholders in our companies and communities.We are committed to working with our clients and strategic alliances to manage ESG factors in all aspects of our advice, capital and execution activities and work processes, and in the ongoing management of investments that we are involved with through company engagement and ongoing support. We aim to help our portfolio companies and clients navigate their way through the complexities of ESG and the continual evolution of the markets that they operate in, as they build and expand their business models and deliver their strategic roadmaps. We do this by working with our portfolio companies and clients to identify opportunities and to support their processes, programs, and policies in creating value while generating sustainable and responsible financial returns. Where possible we share relevant leading practices and benchmarks as well as provide connections to trusted networks and expertise to capture value and to deliver demonstrable and impactful progress.
We also aim to establish clear, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound ESG objectives and goals with our portfolio companies and clients where possible, in order to help drive progress, enable transparency and increase accountability -- where possible we aim to put in place regular reporting on ESG performance with our portfolio companies and clients, and by setting relevant and 'hard' (not soft) key performance indicators (KPIs) we are able to track both their's and our performance against our joint ESG goals.
We aim to understand the broader impacts of the clients and companies for which we are involved in capital raisings for, and believe that our understanding of ESG issues can improve our opportunities to create shared value for our clients, and so we incorporate the consideration of ESG factors into our due diligence, investment and lending processes. Our approach formalises our focus on responsible investment efforts, raising internal awareness, and providing a common language and set of expectations for our investment clients, lending affiliates, AC&E's strategic alliances, portfolio company management teams and other key stakeholders.
Our policy is that ESG issues are managed like any other business issues and as part of the existing advice, capital and execution processes (rather than treating ESG management as a standalone activity), including the consideration of ESG issues in advisory, investment and lending decisions. As the universe of ESG issues is rapidly evolving and developing, we recognise the value of interacting with and learning from others who share this commitment -- we work regularly with our peers in these communities to help improve ESG outcomes, to learn from each other, and to engage in industry initiatives to drive more responsible investing.
The AC&E ESG policy is designed to drive us to continuously and thoughtfully approach ESG opportunities, issues and challenges in everything we do, and to identify positive, significant and impactful ESG value-creating opportunities that will benefit our clients and society.