AC&E establishes specialist investment funds, special purpose vehicles and structures to facilitate multiple investors investing into business or property opportunities.
  • AC&E establishes specialist investment funds, structures and special purpose vehicles (SPV) to enable a group of investors to invest into a specific or series of opportunities 
  • AC&E provides specialist asset management capabilities to operate and manage an investment fund, structure or special purpose vehicle
  • AC&E also incubates and launches new funds and investment vehicles to capitalize on a business opportunity
The types of funds and investment vehicles that AC&E works with and establishes includes:
  • Venture Capital
  • Innovation
  • Internet Monetization
  • Distressed Assets
  • Energy, Renewable Energy and Green Technology
  • Agricultural Land Management
  • Real Estate (Property)
Note that the AC&E International Pty Limited business is not a fund manager -- AC&E International Pty Limited ABN 33 122 982 656 is a Corporate Authorised Representative (ASIC CAR 1241500) of Lazarus Capital Partners ABN 57 610 367 416 and Australian Financial Services Licence 502758 (AFSL), which is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Refer to our licensing details here.

AC&E also works with other organizations to establish and manage a compliant fund, and AC&E also incubates and manages separately incorporated funds or investment vehicles as independently managed and compliant businesses.

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