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AC&E has an investment in Comark Digital, which is a next generation technology platform for businesses helping to accelerate the development and effectiveness of their marketing, sales and service capabilities. AC&E has partnered with a development company, a broader team of technology developers and design creatives, and specialist internet capability providers to design, build and operate the Comark Digital software as a service (SaaS) offering to business users in Australia and worldwide.

Features of the Comark Digital platform: 
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Service
  • eCommerce
  • In-Store Sales
  • Analytics
  • Multi-Channel
  • Website Hosting
  • Flexibility
  • Ongoing Expert Support



Comark Platform Features

The Comark platform enables you to utilise an advanced technology solution that provides digital capabilities to manage many of the operational needs of your business

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Website as a Service (WaaS)

AC&E has made a strategic investment into and is building a platform to enable business owners to easily design, build and run their website without the need for a website developer and technical staff to maintain it -- the platform provides a Website as a Service (WaaS) solution to make the process efficient and as easy as possible, whilst making the website (or websites if the business has more than one website) as effective and high performing as possible. The concept is to enable a business to easily procure and operate a website(s) without the hassle of long setup processes and without having to make multiple and complex decisions about technology, such as content management systems (CMS), functionality options, third party software integration, plugins, adaptors, internet security and website hosting. 

In the WaaS delivery model, it is Comark Digital that is dealing with the long and complex infrastructure processes and the many and varied technology decisions for and on behalf of the business owner, like any other service that the business can subscribe to – and by doing so, Comark is liberating the business owner to focus on operating the website(s) with their marketing and sales campaigns, promoting their unique content and serving their customers. WaaS is a way of designing, building and managing a website by subscribing to it as a service so that functional and technical updates are managed by someone else as part of a package deal – WaaS is especially attractive for businesses that:
  • resource constrained in both number (amount of staff) and website/digital skills
  • are stretched with day to day business, tasks and responsibilities and don't have time for their managing their digital presence
  • don’t have the relevant competencies and skills in-house
  • unsure where to start (if they don't have a website), or how to radically improve/fix their current website (if they have one)
  • overwhelmed with the variety of website tools on the market, and confused with the variety of technical options in those tools, and the search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) features that they have to consider
One of the benefits of WaaS is that the Comark Digital platform is a standardised solution enabling a fast-to-market website for the business owner, meaning that their website can go from concept to implemented (live) in a very rapid timeframe due to the standardisation of the platform. The other strategic difference with the Comark platform is that it can also be configured quickly to the needs of the business, so that non-standard websites can be deployed quickly and cheaply. For businesses that require more than configuration differences, Comark can also be customised to the more complex and unique needs of more sophisticated requirements of other businesses. Comark was designed with this flexibility to requirements in mind – standardised, configuration and customisation.
The benefit of a WaaS platform like Comark is that it is quick to get started with, and easy to buy with a relatively low cost and fast time to market. An advantage of this approach for a business owner is that more time and budget can be spent on content and communication – a WaaS model means that the business owner is able to spend less of their budget on design and technology, so that they can use more of their budget for content, communication and marketing instead.
Comark also enables a business to move or port their existing website(s) - including content and design – into the Comark WaaS platform very quickly, giving them access to all the benefits immediately. A WaaS platform is based on generic requirements that all websites and businesses need, with the flexibility to add and remove module options as needed, and as the business grows. Some of these generic requirements include, and are not limited to:
  • user-friendly content management system (CMS)
  • creative design flexibility (look and feel of the website)
  • standardised functions such as search, blogs, mailing lists, etc
  • templates
  • calendars
  • listings
  • eCommerce
  • campaign management
  • data capture forms
  • analytics
  • security
  • automation of some settings for search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • integrations with third-party providers
  • social media integration
  • legal demands such as terms, privacy, use of cookies and storing of personal information
WaaS is a good option for any business with limited resources, that wants to have a well-functioning website up and running quickly without having to understand all the technical jargon. Comark provides a range of creative designs that can be configured to the needs and wants of the business, enabling a fast-to-market design at a lower cost than retaining their own bespoke designer, or a business can implement a custom design into the platform.
Another key benefit of the WaaS model is the continuous development of the website – by subscribing to the service, a business owner is able to decide the level of development on their website as it suits them, and also they have the flexibility to subscribe for optional modules at an additional cost to increase the functionality on a month to month basis (meaning they can switch on/switch off the modules based on specific needs). In the early days a business might want to make bigger changes in the beginning when they see the possibilities that the platform offers, and after a while when they become satisfied with fewer alterations, focusing on keeping the website up to date. 
The other aspect of the WaaS continuous development is that Comark is making technology easier for business owners by automatically keeping the website up to date with ever-changing technology such as browser updates, Google search updates, changes in technology standards, hosting, encryption, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, security protocols, social media changes, changes in adaptors, API's and third-party integrations which are essential for the operation of the website, and so on. It is important to note this is not only a time advantage, but also a cost advantage as Comark can implement the essential technology changes at a platform level at a lower cost than if a business owner is responsible for requesting it on their own from a third-party developer.
Hosting is also included in the Comark WaaS service so that you don’t have to worry about traffic numbers, harmful attacks and geographical distribution – Comark employs Amazon Web Services and the Google Cloud Platform as cloud services for a highly scalable and efficient hosting and data architecture.
Another aspect of the WaaS model is that Comark provides advice and support to business users so that they are able to obtain help, advice and know-how easily and in a timely manner. More aspects of the differentiated service and functionality are outlined below.


Powerful Modules

You have the choice of adding optional modules that add powerful features to enhance your experience
(see modules listed below)


Run customised and dynamic campaigns, integrated into all of your content – from driving users to content such as pages or posts, collecting valuable customer information or delivering special offers on your eCommerce products


The eCommerce module provides everything you need to run a store or online commerce capability – including running sales promotions, product management, taking orders, automatic invoice generation, online payments processing and the provision of sales analytics and intelligence

ModuleIntelligent Forms

The Intelligent Forms module provides dynamic forms allowing for information gathering, customer engagement and automated calculations, in an easy to use do-it-yourself tool without the need for a programmer or technical person

ModuleAgents App

The Agents App module allows for processing in-store marketing, sales and service interactions between shopfront staff and your customers (face-to-face) enabled by a handheld device, and supports both single and multiple store locations

What's unique about the Comark Platform

Comark has been designed with the principle of enabling business owners themselves (rather than relying on a website developer) to design, build and run a modern looking and highly sophisticated website with a broad range of marketing, sales and service capabilities fully integrated into the website, with an easy to use and intuitive Content Management System (CMS) and website Administration tool – follow the link below to see Comark's unique features and why it is considered a unique solution to help grow and expand businesses.

“ A unique solution to grow and expand business ”


The website Comark Administration tool is powerful, intuitive and easy to use – new features are constantly being added to the Administration tool as Comark develops new marketing, sales and service capabilities to provide more ways to grow and expand a client's business and enabling them to take advantage of new digital strategies and developments as they emerge, as well evolving and adding new technology architecture, data management, search engine optimisation (SEO), third party software integration and internet security components and capabilities automatically so that the business does not have to worry about them. Selected screenshots of the Comark Administration Dashboard are in the link below.

View the the Comark Administration Dashboard gallery


If you are an existing user, you can can log into the Comark Admin platform using the link below.


Login to the Comark Digital Platform

(existing clients only)


Customisable Designs

A business user can choose from our available gallery of designs below, or choose to upload their own website design – click on the thumbnails below to see sample pages for that design.


A powerful publishing design with interactive capabilities - suitable for blogging or information sharing.

  • Fully functional blog and news
  • Interactive with your users
  • Supports all media types



A clean, responsive design with multimedia and animation capabilities - suitable for a services company.

  • Professional business look and feel
  • Supports information sharing
  • Highly interactive with your clients



A sales and service oriented and highly responsive and clean design with full product functionality - suitable for eCommerce (a company selling products online).

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Marketing
  • eCommerce (when subscribing to the optional module)



A different look and feel for a sales and service oriented design, with a smooth customer experience and fully integrated product functionality - suitable for eCommerce (a company selling products online).

  • Sales
  • Services
  • Marketing
  • eCommerce (when subscribing to the optional module)


Our Clients

Comark is currently working with a range of clients in diverse industry sectors to provide the digital solution for their online marketing, sales and service needs – new clients are frequently being added, and some of the active clients are featured below where you can click on the logo to open their corporate website which is hosted on the Comark platform.

Some of our clients using Comark


Image             Image               Image
Image      Image    Image
click on any logo above to view the client's website

Our People

AC&E has partnered with an experienced development company, a broader team of technology developers and design creatives, and specialist internet capability providers to design, build and operate the Comark Digital software as a service (SaaS) offering to business users in Australia and worldwide – AC&E has brought together a highly experienced team of executives with business, technology, architecture, content development, creative design, digital marketing, eCommerce, search engine optimisation (SEO) and internet security experience.

Joseph Najem

Joseph is the Managing Director and CEO of AC&E and is also leading Comark Digital from a business functionality and commercial perspective. In the technology and internet space, he has extensive experience since the mid-1990's working around the world with clients located in Australia, the USA, Europe and Asia. He initially started working with internet pioneering companies in the USA at the time of the original dot-com boom in the mid-1990s during the birth of the commercial internet as we know it today, and has been working in the internet space around the world ever since then and brings that experience to Comark.


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Roland Flanagan

Roland is the CEO of the development company that AC&E has partnered with to invest in and develop the Comark Digital platform with, and Roland leads Comark Digital from a technology and development perspective. In the technology and internet space, he has extensive experience having worked with companies in Australia and Asia including Atlassian, Agoda, eChoice, Yahoo!7, Fairfax Digital, Photon Group amongst others – he brings that internet technology and development experience to Comark.


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