Comark Platform Features - Business

The Comark platform enables you to utilise an advanced technology solution that provides digital capabilities to manage many of the operational needs of your business – the features listed below will change over time.

Business Features

We provide the tools so you can get started straight away

  • Our 'website as a service' model enables you to pay by the month – which means you can spread the cost over the year!
  • We provide you with expert ‘human support’ (meaning real people) each month over the phone and by messages in the dashboard to help you maintain and improve your website
  • Our easy to use website tool means that you don’t need any programming skills
  • Multichannel capability means that your website works on desktop, tablets and mobile - you build it once and it works on all devices, you don’t have to build and maintain multiple designs and content
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Ability to setup multiple websites and manage your content on one common platform (single Content Management System) - makes it easier, and cheaper, to create and manage content across multiple websites, and also the unique ability to integrate the multiple websites to offer a very different customer experience, and traffic generation strategy
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • eCommerce engine which includes product management, inventory management and online payment processing
  • Instore Sales Assistance App which is connected and integrated to your website and campaigns
  • Automatic invoice generation
  • Customer Loyalty functionality
  • Customer self-service functionality
  • Digital Coupon functionality - coupons that are used by customers for discounts, retention, loyalty, referrals etc
  • Social Media integration for propagating website posts to social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • 'Do it yourself' Form Builder enables you to create simple and complex webpages without a programmer
  • Campaign Management including automated campaign sequencing and wave campaigns, integrated with social media (eg. Facebook campaigns), email and the Instore Sales Assistance App that is used for pushing campaigns out to existing customers and for customer acquisition
  • Ability to build an email list for email marketing and customer newsletters
  • Comprehensive Reporting capabilities including customer, comments, traffic, sales, service, loyalty, third party and inventory reporting
  • Sophisticated Analytics capabilities including analytical insights based on website usage, inventory movements, customer loyalty, online comments and reviews, etc (including both descriptive and predictive insights)
  • Real time customer analytics and website performance dashboard
  • Website user Account Management – setup and manage as many user accounts (such as customers and members) on your website as you like
  • Blogging and news capabilities
  • Support as many users on your website as you need to manage (unlimited number of website user accounts)
  • Use your own design or leverage our prebuilt designs that cater for your industry or service (see our Gallery section)
  • Supports brand ambassadors and partners to your business - allow third parties to work with you to increase sales of your products to their areas of influence and customers
  • Supports affiliate marketing to generate traffic for your website using Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Run as many domains as you want on the platform, and share content between your websites (when you have more than one website)