eCommerce and Online Commerce Module

The eCommerce module provides everything you need to run a store or online commerce capability – including running sales promotions, product management, taking orders, automatic invoice generation, online payments processing and the provision of sales analytics and intelligence. The eCommerce Module provides you a powerful means to sell products directly to the customers through your website (online) and also by your sales people face to face with your customers when they are in-store (offline) - when you also have subscribed to the Agents Module.


Marketing and Campaign Management

eCommerce isn't the cherry on the cake, it is the cake

  Sell products from your website  
Allow customers to purchase products direct from your website, process payments and arrange delivery

  Campaigns to sell  
Use marketing campaigns to sell, using techniques such as discounts, loyalty programs, special offers enabled through QR codes, and more

  Real time Dashboard  
Track your sales in a real time dashboard to see what's working and what is not, including essential sales performance and website statistics

  Matches your website design  
Your eCommerce offerings are styled to look and feel like your website creative design to offer a consistent and branded customer experience

  Integrated Campaign Management  
The eCommerce module is integrated with the Campaign Management tool so that you can make targeted offers
  Mobile Commerce  
Customers can search, read about and purchase products from your website on their mobile phones and devices


eCommerce Module provides a powerful way to sell products direct to customers online, and also offline when your sales people located in-store use the Agents Module

Product Gallery
Allow your customers to search your products, styled to fit your website design


Comprehensive product descriptions
Add as much or as little information as you need about your product, all styled to fit within your website design


Shopping Cart
Real time and reactive shopping cart, allowing you to see and interact with your customer orders on a whole new level – it also allows you to process payment for product purchases online, and the system automatically emails a tax invoice to the customer


Real time order tracking
See every order placed via your website and via agents in one convenient screen – easily print and manage the invoices and filter your orders


Inventory Management
Real time inventory management shows you changes in product inventory levels as sales happen (real time), so you can better manage your product inventories without delays