Comark's unique features

What is special about the Comark Digital Platform – it is a next generation internet technology to help accelerate the development and effectiveness of highly sophisticated marketing, sales and service capabilities for businesses of all sizes, with an easy to use administration tool so that business users can maintain most of the content, creative and the website look and feel themselves, eliminating the traditional need for a developer with programming skills to manage changes to the website for them.


Some of the unique features of the Comark Digital Platform

Fast and easy setup

By choosing the Do It Yourself model, you can get yourself setup quickly and easily. If you choose a managed service, we will be in touch shortly to help get you running quickly and smoothly.


Analytics Dashboard

Monitor your performance from the get go for every piece of the system on the analytics dashboard, data insights tabs, system tracking and analytical tools (including Comark's proprietary tools and Google Analytics) -- monitor everything from users, page performance and the quality of your content.


A non-domain specified website CMS

Share your content between multiple domains with the click of a button. Share privacy pages between websites, post an article into multiple websites and more.


eCommerce Website Targeting

Your eCommerce products and categories can be added to multiple websites, allowing for domains to target particular categories and for a master domain to show your whole product portfolio.


Advanced online form management and data collection

Add highly customisable forms to any of your websites, allowing for easy data collection and information gathering with customised question flows.


Run tailored campaigns on one or more websites

Campaigns provide an amazing and easy way to onboard customers, deliver rewards, distribute special offers such as eCommerce discounts and so much more.


Online and Offline eCommerce

By using the Agents and eCommerce modules, you can drive sales through in store agents and your websites. All tracked collectively together so you can track and monitor individual performance.


Real time Sales Tracking

See transactions and sales appearing in real-time, right to your dashboard. See repeat customers, in demand products to tailor your selling channels.


Real time Inventory Management

See what products are running low, what products aren't moving and optimise your channels to ensure smooth fulfillment and stock level management.


Live Updating Content

Every piece of content you create is updated and displayed in real time, meaning you can update prices, content and stock levels while your visitors are on your website.


Tailored Support and Campaigns

We work with you to get you setup and running. But it doesn't stop there. We continue to work with you to ensure that you are getting the most out of the platform. From helping you target content, to providing campaigns to run that will help drive sales and visitors.


Advanced Contact and Customer Management

Every user, every interaction, available at your fingertips ... see the flows that users take on your website, what actions they make, and what products they purchase. If you have multiple websites operating on the Comark platform, then see this type of user interaction information for the same contact and customer across all of your websites ... and that is just the beginning, as there is so much more powerful information available at your fingertips.


Localised Web Servers - data stored locally where possible

We make sure that your customers/visitors view your website from servers close to them to ensure the fastest and smoothest experience. We are continually adding servers to ensure that you always have a presence close by, and where possible storing customer data locally on Australian servers.


Audit Logs

Your website represents your business, so you need to know how people are acting on your behalf. Track every action your users (staff) make on your behalf to ensure your brand and presence and protected.


Exportable Data

Every bit of data in the Comark Digital Platform can be exported at any time. We believe you should be in control of your data and use it however you want. Export your pages and posts, campaigns, contacts and eCommerce Products and sales performance.


Third Parties (such as SEM) can easily integrate with your website, and you can easily see what they are doing

Working with third parties to drive traffic and search engine marketing (SEM) tracking can be cumbersome and require access to software specialises. We provide an easy way to track your third party code and tracking so you can see what traffic third parties are bringing to your websites.



Comark Digital is a next generation Website as a Service (WaaS) platform

AC&E has made a strategic investments into and is building the Comark Digital platform to enable business owners to easily design, build and run their website without the need for a website developer and technical staff to build and maintain it – the platform is delivered as a Website as a Service (WaaS) solution to make the process efficient, affordable and as easy as possible for a business user, whilst making the website (or websites if the business has more than one website) as effective and high performing as possible. The concept is to enable a business to procure and operate a website(s) without the hassle of long processes and without having to make multiple decisions about technology like content management systems (CMS), functionality options, data management, external integration, plugins, adaptors, security and hosting. You can read more about AC&E's investment and development in Website as a Service (WaaS) solutions here.

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