Comark Platform Features - Support

The Comark platform enables you to utilise an advanced technology solution that provides digital capabilities to manage many of the operational needs of your business – the features listed below will change over time.

Support Features

We support you initially to setup your website, and then ongoing every month* to help modify and optimise your website
  • We will help you get started over the phone with setting up your website to make it quick and easy for you - so that you don’t have to do it alone. We’ll do this for free as part of the Start Free Trial so that you can try it before you buy. You book a time that is convenient for you, and we will do it over the phone. We’ll help you pick a design for your website from our gallery, and show you how to tailor it to suit your needs, and how to upload your content. We’ll also show you how to use the Administration Panel in the platform so that you can try all the tools.

  • After you decide to sign up for a Plan, then every month we will support you by proving ongoing guidance, advice and tips on managing your website(s)* so that you get the most you can out of the platform, and the performance of your website(s) in terms of traffic and customer/user engagement.

  • Depending on your plan*, we provide you with expert 'human support' (meaning real people) each month over the phone and by messages we post on your Dashboard to help you maintain and improve the performance of your website(s).

  • Our support covers all aspects of the Comark Platform and the Modules in order to make it easier for you to use – how to use the tools, what to look out for, what to do when things go wrong, how to download and extract information from the database (such as invoices, customer data, etc), and how to do things better to improve performance.

  • We will also monitor your Dashboard for key performance indicators, statistics and activity that is happening on your website(s) – depending on the level of support available in your plan* we will proactively monitor and advise you of things that you need to know in order to optimise your website(s) performance. And depending on your level of support*, we will also show you how to do it and/or do it for you (which you decide as you are in control).

  • We also provide you with marketing and business strategy support on a monthly basis for the plans that include the Campaign Management module – see our Plans section for which plans include this support feature*. This includes marketing strategies that you can use to generate traffic to your website, how to engage better with your existing customers, how to use the Campaign Management module to run both simple and highly sophisticated marketing initiatives and campaign offers to both prospects and your existing customers. You don’t pay extra for this support and advice if you have the Campaign Management module in you plan*.

  • At seasonal times of the year, our support provides you with seasonally relevant design themes and marketing campaigns (for the plans that include the Campaign Management module – see our Plans section for which plans include this support feature*) to help you appear more impactful, contemporary and relevant to your customers and visitors to your website. For example, ‘new year’ themed designs and marketing campaigns in the months of December and January each year, which you can temporarily use and then switch back to your regular theme and campaigns after that season end. Our experts will show you how to do that, and proactively alert you when such seasonal opportunities are available for you to use (if you choose to).
* The quantity of support and type of support (phone, email, chat) varies between plans.