Intelligent Forms Module

The Intelligent Forms Module provides the ability to create dynamic forms which enable information gathering, customer engagement and automated calculations on your website without the need for a programmer – meaning that you, as a business user, can design build and run highly sophisticated forms that operate on your website yourself, without any programming skills or knowledge.


Intelligent Forms

An intelligent form cultivates greater thinking, understanding and learning – and adapts to the users needs

   Collect the right details  
Customise data collection fields that appear on a form and the types of questions you ask – all fields are fully customisable

  Question Flow  
Control how and when questions are visible, based on the website  users selections – and the form intelligence can show the next question based on the previous user responses

  Use on multiple websites  
Forms can be shared between multiple websites, tracking each contacts submissions – and reusing forms so you build it once and reuse it everywhere

  No programmer needed  
Forms is an innovative website module that allows you to build both simple and highly complex forms without programmer skills – you can do it yourself (DIY)

  Sales and traffic generation  
You can use interactive forms to drive leads and sales, and to increase traffic to your website
  Matches your design  
Each form fits in with the creative design of your website, ensuring a consistent customer experience


Intelligent Forms provides an online mechanism to collect customer and/or user data where you customise the questions, the flow and how you handle the responses

Contact Forms
The Contact-Us form allows you to easily collect customer enquiries on your website at the customer's convenience – you can also easily build a variety of simple or sophisticated data collection forms to enable information gathering such as:

    • product application forms
    • competitions
    • customer surveys
    • lead generation forms
    • interactive Q&A
    • automated customer service
    • calculators (such as price quotes)
    • self assessment readiness scores


Perfectly styled to match your website design
Every field is designed to match your website design, fitting in perfectly and ensuring a consistent customer and branding experience


Easy to build menu
Build up your forms with questions, display rules and logic to suit every need


Track every online form submission
Every form submission is tracked centrally, so you can easily filter out those that matter