Comark Platform Features - Technology

The Comark platform enables you to utilise an advanced technology solution that provides digital capabilities to manage many of the operational needs of your business – the features listed below will change over time.

Technology Features

Technology can be hard to use. We take away the complexity and guide you through the process - no technical experience required!

  • Responsive designs that scale to every device (mobile, tablet and desktop) - build your website once and it automatically runs on full screen browsers, tablets and all mobiles

  • Built using reactive technologies - your website users will see content update as you change it without the need for them to reload or refresh their browsers

  • Real time logging and analytics that you can export at any time

  • API (Application Programmable Interface) access to all of your data all the time – your website can easily connect and access data stored in your other applications (eg. MYOB, Xero, SalesForce, Mailchimp etc)