Marketing Module

The Campaign Management module provides a framework to run various campaigns with your domain portfolio – these enable highly versatile integrations with your website and other Comark modules such as Forms and eCommerce, helping you to create powerful customer attraction magnets for your business.


Marketing and Campaign Management

Smarter marketing makes your business look smart

  Unlimited Campaigns  
No limit to how many campaigns you can run

  Multiple Campaign types  
Each campaign can run different activities

  Targeted Performance  
Link campaign access to your contacts

  Performance Tracking  
Powerful tracking of campaign performance, from contact to purchasing power

  Share via Social Media  
Easily share campaigns via social media
  Deep Integration  
Campaigns can drive actions, events and even sales


The Campaign Management module provides tools to run simple and complex campaigns to run a variety of activities for your business

Easily collect contact/customer information
Run basic campaigns to collect contact/customer details such as names, email addresses and telephone numbers


Third Party Enrollment
Enroll third party users such as brand ambassadors and partners from an easy to distribute page


eCommerce Specials
Run campaigns to provide special eCommerce offers, such as discounts and buy X get Y free offers


Control access to campaigns
Use campaigns with particular groups, such as specific in-store staff or third parties affiliates and ambassadors, to ensure they have the tools and marketing campaigns that will succeed


Proactive offers
Your sales people are able to access the permissible list of offers and campaigns that you have defined and promote them to customer whilst in-store


Enabling online-to-offline commerce (O2O)
Your website enables online-to-offline commerce (O2O) which is a strategy that draws potential customers from online channels (such as your website and mobile) to your physical stores (your bricks and mortar stores) – O2O allows your customers to interact with your website in the online space to search for your products and educate themselves with what they want, and then purchase from your store in the physical/ offline world by empowering your sales people with the Agents App