Agents App Module

The Agents App module allows for processing in-store marketing, sales and service face-to-face interactions between your staff based in store locations and customers enabled by a handheld device (in-store), and supports both single and multiple store locations.

The Agents App is fully connected to both the Marketing and eCommerce modules, and so that enables you to setup up your marketing campaigns and products once, and then they are accessible by both customers directly when they are using your website (direct to customer), and your staff located in store locations (in-store face to face interactions) – using the Agents App makes campaigns and products truly ubiquitous, as your build campaigns and products once and use them everywhere, creating a unique commercial advantage for your business.

All marketing campaigns and sales offers are available to in-store staff from any device (the store desktop, tablet or mobile) so that they can convert a sale at the customer's 'moment of value'.


Agents App and in-store marketing, sales and service

Boost the power of face-to-face interactions between the customer and in-store agents

  Unlimited Agents  
Add as many agents as you need across all store locations

  Multiple Stores  
Track agent performance and activities against their individual agent identifier and their store location

  Agent only campaigns  
Allow your agents to offer exclusive and personalised campaigns and special offers to customers so that they can convert at the 'moment of value'

  Performance Tracking  
Track in real time how your agents and stores are performing

  Share via Social Media  
Agents can easily share/push exclusive product offers with their social network to stimulate sales (social marketing)

  Convert In-store  
All marketing campaigns and sales offers are available to in-store staff from any device (the store desktop, tablet or their mobile phones)



The Agents App allows for in-store staff to complete marketing, sales and service transactions via any device (desktop, tablet or mobile) for new and existing customers

Tracking of agents and customers
See how your agents are performing right from your dashboard, including their latest sales and the new customers reached


Easily manage your fleet of agents
Quickly and easily add and remove agents from your stores


Tailored Experience
A fully customised dashboard is available for your agents to track their own individual performance and to help them convert more customers


See how they run
Track your agents performance to highlight the performance metrics of both your marketing campaigns and the sales force effectiveness of individual agents


Proactive offers
Your in-store staff are able to access the permissible list of offers and campaigns that you have defined and promote them to customer whilst in-store


Enabling online-to-offline commerce (O2O)
Your website enables online-to-offline commerce (O2O) which is a strategy that draws potential customers from online channels (such as your website and mobile) to your physical stores (your bricks and mortar stores) – O2O allows your customers to interact with your website in the online space to search for your products and educate themselves with what they want, and then purchase from your store in the physical/offline world by empowering your in-store staff with the Agents App to convert at the customers 'moment of value'