ThreadHarvest disrupting the second hand clothing market

Published Thursday, 22nd July 2021

ThreadHarvest disrupting the second hand clothing market

AC&E is advising and financing ThreadHarvest, which is an Australian based ethical and sustainable fashion business aligned with commercial organisations, social enterprises and not-for-profits in the clothing and fashion sector. AC&E has been providing strategic and capital formation advice to the business for some time, and ThreadHarvest is part of the current AC&E investment portfolio.

ThreadHarvest has accomplished an important milestone in the business' journey by launching a second-hand clothing online retail business in partnership with Parramatta Mission – Parramatta Mission is a not for profit organisation and a part of the Uniting Church in Australia.

The online retail offering is a virtual clothing Op-Shop called "ReInspired Threads" which has the potential to be a major disruptive force in the second-hand clothing market in Australia.

ReInspired Threads is part of the ThreadHarvest "Second Chance" offering, which markets high quality, second-hand clothing at a fraction of the price to consumers online. The clothing is sourced from schools, churches, clubs and associations and delivered to their warehouse in Parramatta where the clothing is sorted and sent for washing – and then marketed through the ReInspired Threads website direct to consumer.

The Second Chance initiative is an exciting project with Parramatta Mission, as it not only assists them in raising much-needed funds for its services, such as 'Meals Plus', it also has a positive effect on the environment – recycling items that may otherwise go to landfill, and is repurposing good-to-reuse clothing.

The business model also utilises outsourced providers such as Fighting Chance Australia (Avenue) which is the warehouse provider, and Northcott who washes the used clothing items before sale through the online store.

AC&E congratulates all involved at ThreadHarvest on this great achievement as part of the proof of concept of the overall business model.

The LinkedIn post below is from the CEO of the ThreadHarvest providing more details.

LinkedIn post: